Thursday, January 17, 2013

What to Feed a Very Pregnant Lady

^ This is a very pregnant lady. That was me last March two days before I started my ridiculously long labor. If you are curious you can read about it here. But I could have been in big trouble and ended up with a preemie if I had not gotten a wake up call from my midwife. When I was about 30-32ish weeks pregnant I wasn't feeling so great and was having subtle signs of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is not something to screw with, if left untreated it has the potential to be fatal to both mother and baby. Doctors will tell you there is no rhyme or reason women get it but midwives and the educated wise woman knows different. So as wise women do I am sharing my knowledge with you. Preeclampsia can be directly traced to malnourishment in the mother, particularly protein deficiency. I was so big and so uncomfortable and so tired, thinking of fixing a meal was daunting. I bottom line was starving because what food I did eat went right into growing baby, nothing left for mama. Now I was fortunate to have my midwife catch this early and run a test that confirmed I needed to EAT and eat a lot. And then I was even more lucky to be living with my mommy to feed me said food. In two weeks I was back to a good place but I had to keep eating like a hippo until I popped. She was worth it!

What did I eat? I ate real food. I ate 100 grams of protein a day (hard!), lots of greens, nuts, fruit smoothies, raisins (good iron), ice cream (calories baby!) oily fish and whole milk. During the last 3 months of pregnancy, you need more food than you could ever wish to even look at when your stomach is stuffed underneath your left lung, but eat it you must!

A friend of mine is in the end months and she was starting to feel the same way I was. Since I have a passion for all things pregnancy and birth and babies, I wanted to mother this mother-to-be! So I am veering off of my challenge just a hair to make this awesome lady some killer baby-grow.

Salmon Chowder. (calories and omega 3 fatty acids)
Braised greens with bacon. (greens!!!!! can't stress those enough)
Personal quiches with broccoli and cheese. (eggs, veggies, dairy)
Lentil soup with more bacon. (iron and protein in lentils are great for vegetarians)

Also got her cashew nuts and sending her little boxes of raisins. The name of the game is Iron, Calcium, Protein, Omega oils, Calories, Nutrient Dense. If you are very pregnant and all you have had today was a peanut butter and jelly with a cup of decaf coffee then you need a reality check. Tough love guys, you are growing a human, not just a really cute bump. If your baby was on the outside you wouldn't feed him crap, don't do it while he is in you either. So much passes to him that if you take Tums for your heartburn, you will have calcium deposits in your placenta. AKA you will be blocking blood vessels. Take papaya enzyme tablets instead, they work great.

End of rant, hope you learned something valuable, if you already knew all this then kudos.

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