Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pantry Challenge: Day 8, Breakfast Freezer Cooking

Freezer cooking today! I made gluten free pancakes (Stonewall mix, gift) and chocolate chip bran muffins. I am going to make a couple extra breakfast burritos on Thursday to keep in the freezer as well for Montana Man.

I had an epiphany today while I was making pancakes. Cooling racks. In the freezer. Yes. As the pancakes came of the griddle they went on to a cooling rack.

Then when it gets full...

Stick the whole thing in the freezah.

When they are fully frozen I will bag them up. I will do the same with the muffins.

I went shopping at Trader Joe's today and got:

white and wheat flour tortillas- 2 @ $2.29
chives and parsley, fresh- 2 @ $1.69
frozen corn- $1.29
light sour cream- $1.79
pepperoni- $2.99 (not pictured cause I forgot cause I'm dumb)
bagged cooking greens- $3.49

Total: $17.52

Tonight we are having plain old pasta and meatballs with kale. Boring, so, I will not be taking a picture. I will be eating. Keep up the good work hooligans!

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