Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pantry Challenge: Day 15

Tonight I have made a stunning lasagna, I would suggest a bottle of cabernet sauvignon to complement. Does the pantry include wine that has been hanging around in the back of it? Cause there really is such a wine in there. Maybe I could coerce mom into opening it since the men are gone and we could get girly about dinner. Hmm...

This morning was another "mom fail" for me and my high expectations. I slept in until 7:20 and then both kids ate in the car while I drove Puzzle Boy to school. Yes, both. The baby had her morning bottle in the car. And she was super happy about it which makes me feel worse for the poor habits I am teaching! UGH! Then I came home and ate the leftover cheese grits from last night. End of story, moving on.

Lunch was yogurt. Moving on.

Tonight! Lasagna. I made it while the kids settled down for naps after lunch and now for dinner all I have to do is chuck it in a 350 degree oven and make a salad. Puzzle Boy has leftover chicken fingers and greens to eat from last night, the lasagna is not GF. But he gets ketchup again so he will see this as a win.

Mmmm...... lasagna.

Made croutons.

Emptied the dressing bottle.

Caesar Salad.

Can I just try to cover my rear end for a moment? I am sure some of you die hard challenge ladies will have seem my shopping confessions trips and been like "that was unnecessary". In the defense of my pickles, popcorn and yogurt, I am trying to lose weight. Pickles are like 5 calories, popcorn makes me feel like I am not dieting for 100 calories and yogurt is just a nice snack for 80 calories. I have been "dieting" aka hating my body for the better part of a decade now and I have finally found my low cal niche. Yes, I still eat "bad" food sometimes but my little extras make me strong enough to not overeat. P.S. I use myfitnesspal.com. Pass it on, it is an amazing tool.


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    1. It was really good! Thank you for the complement! I have a feeling we live a bit far apart ;-)