Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pantry Challenge: Day 1, Oink oink

Sorry, I did not think to take pictures of our meal last night! Envision a baked ham with a few baked potatoes and veggies.

I will give you a little back ground here. We went to Florida for Christmas this year. Before we left we cleaned out the fridge and took a lot of food with us in the RV. But when we got home we had not so much to put back. So you will see me supplementing just a little with the grocery store! No, I am not going hard core here even if I do have a huge box of dry milk in my pantry, it just don't taste the same! But I am going to fore go take out and what not, thus Saturday nights will be homemade pizza night instead of $5 pizza night.

So, anyway yesterday we had typical breakfasts, cereal and the like. My brother got me a breakfast sandwich and sent it home with Montana Man but I had already eaten so I had that for lunch. Montana Man got the pantry special of tuna melts on english muffins for lunch. I had an open package of wheat english muffins in the freezer that needed using and I scrounged a can of tuna, mayo and american cheese. It was fast (he was hungry... now!), and it was tasty. Then for supper as a fore mentioned, we had the ham. There is just something about ham that is funny to me. It's like this big fat lump of pink mystical meat that appears only on holidays and buffets. It makes me think of words like oink. I did not buy this ham, it was given to my mom. We baked potatoes that were hanging out in the deep end of the fridge, finished a bag of peas and carrots from the freezer and a can of cream style corn. That was day one! Next up, lentils (no seriously, stay with me, they are good!).

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