Monday, January 21, 2013

Pantry Challenge: Day 21

Can we just assume I am not going to blog on the weekend? Good, ok then, whew! Load off my chest! My husband is home on the weekends so as you may be able to conclude, I have better things to do than sit at the computer. Yessah, I do. Plus I might not have been all that creative this weekend food wise... um, yeah. We definitely ate at home and from the pantry, we just didn't make "complete meals". Boring and random. But, fear not! I have made chili from leftover beans and taco meat and a can of tomatoes and I will later make cornbread in the skillet. And hitch up you britches because I am cooking the chili on the wood stove. Gasp! Do people do that anymore? Cook on wood? How primitive and old fashioned! Well, I will have you know one of my favorite cousins cooks on her wood stove all winter, bakes in it too. If I could mail myself to her and just follow her around for a year I would. She is a wealth of knowledge about all things sustainable and homesteading. I love her. So here is what cooking on a wood stove looks like:

Bonus picture of Mini and PB. They are playing Hop on Papa. My dad is a good sport.

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