Friday, January 18, 2013

Pantry Challenge: Day 17

I cooked allllllll daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. All day. But not for us ;-) So we had randomness for dinner! Puzzle Boy got GF mac and cheese, I had a PB & J and later a little quiche, Mini Me had yogurt and bananas. Montana Man is still out for work until Friday night. But I was able to bless a friend with a few wonderfully healthy meals so it was very worth it.

Have you blessed someone with a meal lately? Sometimes the best soul food is the food someone else gets to eat. Part of being a community is to serve others, it is one of the major identity markers that Jesus teaches us. Give in anyway you can, for me that is food and my time/ presence. For others it may be another skill or even money (the most common one we think of). Look around you at the community you live in. Have you selflessly served someone lately? If you did was it someone you know well or was it someone you want to get to know better? A stranger? Just food for thought (haha pun intended!).

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