Friday, October 12, 2012

Moving Update: Still Waiting

A couple months ago I posted about our family relocating and that we were waiting for the family in our soon to be new home to move into their new home. This has been the greatest test our family has had to endure yet. Montana Man has been working in our new town while I have still been 3 hours away with my parents and the kids. We see each other every week to two weeks as our gas budget and days off allow. I came to the point last week where I was angry and felt betrayed by my God for letting this continue. After this anger came mourning and remorse for my feelings and sin toward my Savior, for He knows our plan even if we do not. I have also been very angry at the family still occupying our new home because they have been waiting for what I believe to be insufficient reasons (i.e. waiting for counter tops to be put into the their new kitchen, get a freaking microwave!) To say that this has been frustrating would be an understatement. But we persist and continue to wait for the house that seems to be the only one meant for us.
Side note: We have thought of finding another rental but the market for this particular combination of requirements is basically non-existent.

So! While I have been waiting I have had time to really think on what our goals over the next two years should be.

Goal #1:
Pay off debt completely and build a safety net in our savings as well as any extra we can for a down payment whether it be for building a house or buying existing. Repairing and building our credit as a couple also goes in this category. Becoming financially independent and being able to shape our budget to our means no matter the size is priority, we are still living in a material world at the moment.

Goal #2:
Prepare, prepare, prepare. This means building a food supply for use in emergencies, means of self-defense and acquiring skills of self reliance.

Goal #3:
This is a personal goal. Get down to a comfortable and healthy weight and fitness level. For myself this has been on my mind a lot. We do plan to have more kids and I feel like I was not as physically prepared as I would have liked in my pregnancy. I have a very good amount of time to achieve this through eating healthfully, building my fitness through activity, and self healing.

In conclusion, I will post after we have moved because as of now I have no date.

Notice: The Making Your Home a Haven series will continue after we have moved and settled. Apologies to the few that actually read my blog!