About Us

Welcome to Maine! Meet me and my family.

Homestead Mama was born and raised in southern Maine and is currently living in her childhood home with her family of five and her parents. As a kid she fell in love with horses and all things old fashioned. When she was deciding on her future after high school, she decided to give a college education at the University of Montana Western a try. Little did she know that the adventure didn't end with college life. Soon after her arrival in Montana she met her husband now aliased here as Montana Man. Their romance grew fast and in six months they were engaged soon after HM's 19th birthday. In a whirlwind of two years she managed to become a wife, step-mom and stay-at-home mom as well as moved to and from Montana back to Maine. Then the real adventure began.

Homestead Mama is the writer behind the posts here at Modern Homesteading: Maine-ah Style. She loves her kids and husband, knitting, farming, quilting, cooking, midwifery, canning (the freak), driving really fast away from the house alone (just kidding), and gardening. Especially gardening.

Montana Man was born in Vermont and moved to Montana with his family when he was nine. After a move to Oregon he finally moved back to Montana with his Dad and sister and finished out high school there in 2006. In December 2007 he was blessed with a beautiful son. After meeting HM and their engagement he sought custody of his son for multiple reasons and the benefit of giving him a stable home to grow up in. Though he loves Montana, he moved with HM to Maine to begin their new life.

Montana Man love the outdoors, his PS3, hunting, guns, things with engines, handy man work, his brother-in-law and his wife and kids.

Puzzle Boy was born in Montana in December 2007. He is a big ball of energy, super loving and adventurous. He has no fear and loves to try new things especially those rides at the fair that H. Mama does not. He loves homeschool, playing with his sister and friends, and bugging mommy for snacks. His love of trains is unmatched and enjoys doing puzzles. Just make life interesting he also has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (a form of Autism).

Mini Me was born at home in March 2012. She is aliased as such because she is just like her mommy! She is stubborn, sweet, smart, and friendly to all. Homestead Mama is getting her payback with this one! She enjoys food of all kinds, terrorizing the cat, peeling her Mimi's wallpaper, being outside, riding in the Ergo on mommy's back and playing with brother. Oh, and being ridiculously adorable.

Happy Boy is our newest addition born late in September 2014 at home. He is all wide eyes and smiles even at just a few weeks old. His favorite things are eating, pooping really loud to gross Daddy out, sleeping on his Mimi's chest and looking at picture books during tummy time. Kisses are a must and sleep is over rated (although Homestead Mama disagrees).


  1. hello
    googled you .. where are you ?
    I am in Liberty.

    I am wondering about starting a program that will offer goats to homestead
    families that meet certain criteria.. goats fro free.

    need to find a way to find those families relatively new to homesteading
    and in need of support.

    Ed Wynn
    5 Seasons Farm and Creamery

    1. Hello, glad you found us! I have actually just put my deposit down on 2 Nigerian Dwarf does that I will be bringing home in April. We are very excited to be starting our own herd. So, we are all set! But, I will pass this information on to a friend that is starting a homestead as well if you don't mind. Thank you!

    2. P.S. We are in the Greater Portland area.

  2. You are very close to me. I'm about 45 minutes south of Portland. I am just starting out on this weird adventure, but my 6 home-schooled children are grown, though a few still live here. We have 2 Oberhasli does and 10 chickens so far. We're adding a freshened Nigerian in April as well. I would love to add Jacob sheep and learn to spin, but that is not possible yet. We don't have much land. I look forward to checking out your blog. :)

    1. Why thank you! I would love to learn to spin as well, a spinning wheel from my grandmother will be coming my way at some point. Welcome to the community!