Saturday, June 27, 2015

Miss Broody Gets Her Eggs!

I have had a broody hen for a few weeks now and I have no rooster. She is a Buff Rock which is one of the breeds I choose for this specific trait. I had been taking her out to eat and drink daily hoping to break her but everyday she just boomerangs right back to her spot in the nest box hording any eggs available. So today while at my friends' big annual birthday party for their kids I was talking with them about how raccoon have killed 5 of their chickens recently. Long story short I brought home fertile eggs from them and now my broody can live out her dreams. She has made herself a nice hole in the hay I piled in a large dog crate, hunkered down, and has not moved since I stuck her on her eggs. So, if all goes well we will have chicks in about 21 days! Wish us luck!