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In early labor with my daughter

Having my babies at home were two of the most special and empowering experiences I believe I will ever have. Much of my confidence before both births came from reading other's stories and realizing that normal comes in all kinds of forms. As a doula and student of midwifery I thought it about time I added a dedicated page just for this.

Seconds after my daughter was born

Birth Stories

My Daughter's Birth Story 2012 (home birth with a third stage transfer to hospital)

My Son's Birth Story 2014 (home birth with a significant shoulder dystocia)

My husband and our daughter 20 minutes old

Birth kit

Preparing for a Home Birth

How I Prepared for My Son's Birth

Thoughts on Passing the Due Date

My younger son minutes after birth

While you are here...

Introducing Wonderfully Made Birthing Services!

I am available to take on doula clients! My service area is within an hour radius of Portland, ME. Services include:

-a free initial consult in your home
-meeting to discuss your birth hopes and plan around 32-36 weeks
-phone support for questions
-continuous birth support during labor, delivery and until you are settled afterward (usually about 2 hours)
-2 postpartum visits at 1 and 4 weeks *additional postpartum visits may be added for an extra cost*
-attending to you wherever you are laboring be that your home, hospital or birth center

I was trained by a DONA workshop in November 2010. I have had the honor of attending and supporting a good friend in her labor and birth at her home (click here to read her birth story) as well as providing emotional support to many who have asked. I am always willing to answer anyone's questions! As of April 2015 I have also been working with a local midwife for the summer gleaning knowledge and experience in prenatal care and birth.

My philosophy is first and foremost that birth is natural! I am a firm believer that in healthy, low risk pregnancies there is no need to fuss with the labor process but instead let in unfold and work with your body and baby. I have personally experienced and witnessed the power of positioning and it's effect on progress, how a mother's attitude can set the tone in a labor and how common complications can be resolved with quick thinking and skilled hands. Women who are well supported statistically have fewer interventions and use of pain medications. I am willing to work with any age as long as we are a good fit!

If you wish to learn more please email me at emeliasmith-doula at hotmail dot com.


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