Sunday, February 16, 2014

House Update!!!

Would you look at that?! It looks like a house now! After three snow storms we finally got the roof on. Let me tell you, getting snow out of a walled in house is not easy... for the men. Ok, I didn't shovel any, but in all fairness they didn't ask me to or even tell me when. I would have. So let's look at some pictures shall we?!

And then the roof...

And, as you all know, Valentine's Day has just passed. We don't normally make much out of this "holiday" but this year Montana Man decided to surprise me with dinner and s'mores in the new house. Yes, it was cold and it was a bit dark as well but it was very sweet and quite the memory!

Today MM and I went to Home Depot and got some electrical boxes and chalk line to start laying out the interior and prep it for wiring. We managed to get the basic layout lined out and all the exterior wall electrical boxes up. After we pour the floor down stairs and put in the lolly columns which will allow us to level the floor we can start on interior walls. Well, insulation will come before interior walls but you get the idea. As we start gearing up for spring I will start posting more regularly on all aspects of the homestead and life.

Til next time.