Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pantry Challenge: Playing Catch Up

Um, I think I missed a day or two. Or 7. My bad, sorry guys. We are still doing the challenge, I just got behind in time to post. I have been taking some pics though and keeping track of my shopping trips so I will just catch you up.

Day 9, Wednesday: We had mexican lasagna made by my mom. Corn was served with that.

Day 10, Thursday: We had leftovers and my son had GF mac n' cheese per his request and me finding a box.

Day 11, Friday: Breakfast Burritos! And the rest of the watermelon. They were sooo good.

Day 12, Saturday: We had leftover breakfast burritos for, you guessed it, breakfast. Then we had homemade reuben pizza (I had saurkraut and ham that needed to be used) and pepperoni, mushroom, bacon pizza.

Day 13, Sunday: Breakfast and lunch were fend for yourself meals. Dinner was at our MC. I made cornbread to contribute.

Day 14, Monday: I finally made my southern meal! Fried chicken breasts, braised greens (amazing) and cheese grits (also amazing). I had never mad the greens or the grits and they will be made again. I also got my "nutella" made.

Shopping Trip:

Hannaford: no picture :-(

bananas- $.59/lb = $1.22
celery- $1.79
avocados- 2 @ $1.39
vine tomatoes (local)- $2.69/lb = $3.98
8 oz mushrooms- $2.29
organic dill- $2.49
organic rosemary- $1.79
2lb organic carrots- $2.99
Nature's Path organic GF cereal- $4.59
GF bread crumbs- $2.89
Oscar Meyer turkey deli meat- $3.99
Claussen pickles- $3.69
85% lean ground beef- $12.78
Gluten Free Pantry muffin mix- $3.99 -$2.00 coupon = $1.99
XL organic brown eggs- $3.99
beef broth, 32 oz- $1.39
shredded mozzerella cheese- $8.49
canned mushrooms- $.99
organic sprouted whole wheat english muffins- $2.99
2 V8 Fusion juices 2/ $4.00 + $.10 deposit
orange juice- $3.79 = $.05 deposit
1/2 gal 1% milk- $2.30
frozen peas and carrots- $1.19
2 4 packs of yogurt- 2 @ $1.99
Earth's Best organic infant formula- $25.99
100 calorie popcorn- $2.79
light thousand island dressing- $2.59
swiss cheese slices- $3.79

Total: $117.68

Whole Foods:

Honey (local Maine)- $7.99
Organic coconut oil- $6.99
Organic yokids yogurt- 2 @ $3.99
Organic yobaby yogurt- 2 @ $2.99
Organic 1% milk- $5.99
GF pasta- $3.50
GF spaghetti- $2.39
GF Annie's mac n' cheese- 2 @ $2.99
Odwalla protein drink (Mama's treat)- $2.50

Total: $49.35

I got the coconut oil to try out, I have heard it being used much more by other blog mama's out there. You also might notice that we try to buy as much organic as is practical. The kids for the most part get organic, I go to Whole Foods to get milk in a gallon size, Hannaford only carries organic milk in 1/2 gallons for a ridiculous price. I try to stick to the Dirty Dozen and local as well. If I know that a local company is committed to natural ways then I won't stress they aren't certified organic, I will chose them. I would really like to do only farmers markets when the season comes for produce and get used to more seasonal menus. But I don't know if I will ever give up buying bananas, they are a mama's best friend!

Drop me a line, how is it going?

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