Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pantry Challenge: Day 16, Taco taco taco!

Have any of you seen the movie Paulie? It's about a parrot that travels the country going from owner to owner, tear jerker really! But in one of the scenes there are some Mexican birds and all the can do is repeat and the guy says taco and they say "taco taco taco!". Every time I make tacos I think of that movie. Bet you can't guess what I made for dinner!

Yup, tacos. You are so smart! But I did not take a picture cause I was so hungry and so were my little hooligans that I was just on the fast track to shoving food in my face and theirs. I seasoned my meat, not from a packet (Gasp! Do people do that?!) and made my own refried beans from dried beans I had cooked in the crock pot. Also used a package of nearly stale taco shells that had been open. Bam! How's that for pantry challenge? I made mine into a salad and had only one shell for dipping in the beans. Wasn't I a good girl? I may not wear a bikini again but at least I won't want to volunteer to be buried in the sand! I have also been using the coconut oil in some of my cooking and I can't tell the difference, so that's good?

Over half way there, don't give up!

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