Monday, January 28, 2013

Ending the Pantry Challenge

Ok, this was harder than I thought. I am ending a little early here because, well, I just want to. But I think for my first go at it, it was a relative success. My pantry got a little cleaner, as did the freezer. We used things we had been ignoring like frozen diced chicken. And I also rotated and replenished my chicken stock by roasting 2 chickens this month. I didn't bake as much as I would have liked but that was really just lack of motivation. If I bake it I eat it and I don't need a ton of bread and cookies, etc. I do need to make the men some sandwich bread though... I see a baking day in the future.

At the end I was not posting because we really were just scrounging and not making real meals. I have not felt very well recently, not sick per say, but just not myself. I say recently but what I really mean is for the last 3 years! Ugh, you forget about yourself with kids and marriage and everyday duties. I am not a priority to me. And, I have paid for it. Finally, I said enough and am doing a 2 week cleanse by Women to Women. They have varying levels of strictness and I am doing the most strict. After 2 weeks I will phase back in foods and see which ones make me feel crappy. I am thinking I may have a sensitivity to sugar, large amounts of wheat, milk (not fermented dairy, just milk), beef and pork. Chicken and fish seem to be fine and they allow it during the cleanse. Also, caffiene. Must stay away from caffiene!

Soon to come, I will be posting about so awesome news we got when we filed our taxes. Good news, you say? How can filing taxes be good news!? Well, for us this year it was. House here we come.

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