Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hot Weather Suppers: Lettuce Wraps to the Rescue!

I love Food Network and have watched cooks on there make lettuce wraps for years with a kind of annoyed curiosity. I mean, I get it. You put sandwich guts in lettuce, roll it up and eat it. Until I finally plunked down nearly $5 for a head of bibb butterhead lettuce, I did not appreciate this humble, healthful and quick meal option. I was hooked! It was good timing when I tried it because I had not placed my seed order yet. I chose Blush Butterhead Cos lettuce and have been so impressed by it's growth, flavor and versatility. The outer leaves are like a butterhead and great for wraps while the hearts are more cos or romaine like and are perfect for salads. It's flavor truly is a bit 'buttery' and not watery or bitter. LOVE IT.

This week has been hot and I may have mentioned before how I feel about heat. We are not friends. Add in the humidity and I am a bear. When suppertime rolls around all I want to do it jump into the fridge when I open it to fish out something, anything that doesn't need to be cooked! Well, that lettuce is worth it's weight in gold this week and we are had egg salad lettuce wraps! Our first nearly exclusive homegrown meal ever! It would only have been better had there been a beautiful juicy red tomato to slice over it. Maybe in another month or so because...

I saw my first buds on an Amish Paste yesterday! Not open but there they were, little buds a growin'!

The Lord is certainly blessing the garden this year!

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