Monday, May 4, 2015

April Gardening Synopsis

Blush Butter Cos lettuce

April was weird. Just strange and out of sorts. The weather had been cold then warm then really cold then just annoyingly in the 50's... frustrating is what April was. The greenhouse is alive but growing slowly. I wish that the onions were farther along than they are but hopefully they will catch up soon so I might have a decent crop once in the ground.

I have new cole crop starts that will be for both me and joining a few other vegetable starts as a give away in a fundraiser supporting Maine midwives gaining licensure. I also have a few medicinal and culinary herbs that are doing great so far.

The tomatoes are still in the basement under lights but will soon be out in the greenhouse. They are growing quite rapidly! The peppers are slower growing of course but I have a feeling they will take off when the heat comes. I will likely pot them in the black containers to make sure they get lots of heat. I think them growing in the greenhouse last year prevented them from getting enough sun which stunted them. I really need a decent pepper crop with the amount of salsa and hot sauce we go through!

The tomatoes look a little yellow tinted in these pictures but I think that is just the light! They were yellowing just a bit before I potted them on but I think it just because I waited way to long to do so and they ran out of nutrients. They have recovered fine and are ready to be hardened off. According to the almanac we have passed our last frost date but should we have an unexpected one the greenhouse will protect them fine.

The chickens have been free ranging at will but will now be going in a pen for the summer. The poop is getting out of hand!

My Partridge Cochin hen

So there you are! April was weird, lol. I am going to be getting insanely busy in the next few months so likely posts will be erratic but I will shoot for at least once a month to update. Between getting the house finished, the garden, 3 young children, church, helping host a parents support group and a summer apprenticeship with a local midwife I am in for an eventful summer! Pray for my poor brain to keep up!

Til next time!

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