Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Things I Can Live Without But Would Rather Not

Oh, this could be a really long list! But, I decided 10 will do.

1. The dishwasher. I love it! It means I don't have to wash dishes and that is something I hate doing! I have never had my own home with one but my mom has always had one so currently I am enjoying the luxury. And, in the house we will have one by the generosity of a friend that gave us one.

2. Coffee. You saw this coming right? I have two young children... there needn't be anymore explanation.

3. Victoria's Secret bras. It's the one area of my wardrobe that will never ever (ever) let go. And Vikie's has the stuff I need!

4. Mason jars. Not even joking, they are useful for so many things and beautiful in their own way.

5. Burt's Bees lip balm. Right now I am digging the grapefruit one, very summer-y.

6. A bathroom scale. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with the bastard, it is helpful in giving me periodic reality checks and self esteem boosts! This morning it was the later, so it can live.

7. Cast iron skillets. Can you blame me? I mean, have you cooked in one? They are amazing and can do everything from bake corn bread to fry perfect bacon. All while being nearly indestructible and a handy impromptu weapon should an intruder interrupt you while frying said bacon.

8. Girly rain boots. I just recently got a pair after years of wanting some (I'm cheap remember?) and I love them. They make mud feminine! And, they were $12... score.

9. Pandora Radio. I love music and I got my Pandora Mumford & Sons station just how I like it!

10. My Ergo baby carrier. Without it I would be lost! I makes it possible for me to go places with Mini Me that a stroller wouldn't dream of all while keeping Mini out of trouble. I'm gonna bring back wearing babies on your back Sacagawea style!

Certainly not an 'Oprah' list but then again I don't make billions of dollars! In my world these are my favorite things.

Next post hopefully will be more house progress! Pray it is so!

Til next time!

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