Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Greetings! Welcome to Maine, where the weather changes as often as our underwear! In all seriousness I absolutely love living here and am very greatful to my husband for letting me drag him here from Montana where we met. That's a story for another day. Now! Let me explain my blog title. It is what we are aspiring to do and have been for a few years. We realize with a tanked economy and the unstable nature of life in general that it is the prudent thing for our family to become self sustaining. But as we have found it is not the easiest thing to do cold turkey. But I think I have finally worked out a reasonable "5 year plan" to accomplish this goal. More details to come.

A bit about me: I am a 22 year old mommy of a 4 year old stepson (December 2007) and a 3 month old daughter (March 2012) who was born at home. I am married to my husband of nearly 2 years (October 2010), who is possibly more passionate about sustainable living than myeslf! I like to cook and do fiber crafts and quilting, and I would like to improve my seamstress skills so I can make clothing. I love and hate housework depending on the day, I cloth diaper my baby and my son is gluten and dairy free for ASD. I love staying home with my children but will work as much outside the home as I need to. I plan to homeschool my son beginning with kindergarden in fall 2013. I like to garden although I am not very good at it yet from lack of experience! Animals come a bit more naturally. Someday it is my dream to have a root cellar and huge pantry filled with food at the end of fall and take comfort and pride in knowing we can feed ourselves. And I HATE money. It will come up I promise you!

Everyone has nick names for their family members so here are mine: Husband: Montana Man Son: Puzzle Boy Daughter: Mini Me

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  1. This is wonderful! We love your writing style and look forward to following your journey. Hugs!

    Mom n' Dad in Oregon.