Saturday, May 26, 2012


We heat with wood in our home and every fall we seem to be staring winter in the face before we have all our firewood cut, split and stacked. This year Montana Man and I are determined to have two years worth of wood in the barn to cure before we reach winter. From now on we will have a goal of keeping two years worth in supply, one to burn and one to cure and rotate each year. Some of my parents land has been cleared recently so we are fortunate to already have trees to process.

So, Montana Man and I decide this weekend was the weekend to work on it. It's saturday so I got to hand Mini Me off to her daddy and sleep in a bit. I was up at 9:00 so I spent the next hour getting the kids ready and kyle got me coffee! Good start so far! Once I got Mini in her stroller and waters (it's hot today), we were ready to go.

A pile was already sitting in the yard in a scrambled heap of small and large logs. Puzzel Boy and I started to work on sorting and stacking the smaller of the logs and leaving the larger ones by the splitter. For a four year old he is a good little helper! He stacks very neatly. I was a bit distracted as I worked until Mini decided to nod off. Then Puzzle Boy and I got the wheel barrow and got down to business. Montana Man was busy dragging up logs from out back as well as some cut logs. I have a lot to split! I am hoping to get a cord or more up today. The kids are sleeping now for their afternoon naps so I better get going! Pictures to follow.

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