Friday, May 25, 2012

Natural Deoderant Review

I'm sure many of you have heard about the harmful effects that aluminum can have to our health. Most antiperspirants have aluminum in them to pulg up your pores working so hard to keep your body cool. Now I have nothing against a little grooming in the armpit department, but I do have a problem with causing harm to my body. I do realize that not many people actually get cancer from their morning slathering of their "stink pretty" of choice (my husbands term btw), but I just don't see the point in potential heavy metal poisoning. So I switched! My last stick of regular old A/D ran out and I found myself standing in the aisle debating with myself. Finally after a few sniff tests I chose the above pictured deoderant.

I think:
It feels nice and light and the fragrance isn't too strong. I cannot say it is the most effective deoderant in the world but for a light sweater like me it is adaquet. It says it is 24hr protection but I believe this would only be true for a VERY sedentary person. Like, they don't move... ever. I do put it on twice a day if I am really working or if it is hot because about half way through the day things are starting to get a bit funky. New coat and I am good til bed. Being home all the time this is no problem for me. If I were at work I would need to carry another in my purse. The last thing is that while my skin adjusted to the new slick, it broke out a bit. Not an issue, I don't really run around with my arms up so I was the only one noticing. It has gotten better and over all my skin looks healthier.

Yes, I would, however please don't blame me if it doesn't work out! I am not terribly vain about these things so I tend not to be mortified if I don't smell like peaches and green tea (or whatever they have come out with now!). I have found it a decent alternative to traditional antiperspirant/deoderant.

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