Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 Chicks Are Ordered!

I realize we are quite late in getting our chicks ordered, but life is as it is and I finally got it done! Because of my procrastination they will not be arriving until the week of June 9th but that will give me more than enough time to prepare them a large brooder and such as well as affordably stock up on chick starter and disinfect all the equipment I need. This is the second time I have ordered chicks instead of just buying what's available from the feed store. Many are fine with that but I tend to want exactly what I want! I was looking for certain traits as this is the start of my "all purpose" flock. The goal is to raise a flock that will not only provide eggs but meat as well as hatch their own eggs and raise the chicks with little help from me. I selected an assortment of 10 females (new layers and hopefully mommies) and 30 males (for this years freezer stash). Ok, I might have also gotten a couple feather footed ones for fun... they look like they have pants on! Hahahahahahaha! Ahem... let's see what I got:

Light Brahmas

I chose this breed for their size, cold tolerance, temperament and broodiness. They are a very old Asian breed and stood out as a good homestead addition. I ordered 15 males and 3 females.

Barred Rocks

It seems like most people who live in New England with chickens have had a few Barred Rock. Bred to be an ideal New England bird I know they can stand up to our winters, steadily provide eggs through the winter and are noted for being heavy roasters. The roasting part is all I got them for. I ordered 8 males.

Buff Rocks

These guys are very similar to Buff Orpingtons and that is why I got them. Buff Orpingtons were out of stock! You might recall our current rooster is a Buff Orpington and I love him. Like all rocks they are heavy set and good roasters, good winter layers and will set well on eggs late spring. I ordered 7 males and 2 females.

Partridge Rocks

I had not originally considered this breed but after a little reading I was convinced it would be a good fit for us. This breed is not only pretty but is considered one of the best setters/brooders as well as a nice heavy meat bird. I ordered 3 females.

Partridge Cochins

Also not one I had planned on but recently I thought I was being a little boring in the chicken department. These are the feather footed ones! I did carefully go through the feather footed varieties and pick one that would be functional as well. These are praised for being great brooders as well as produce large brown eggs well. I ordered 2 females.

There you have it. I can't wait for the little babies to get here!

Til next time.

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