Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My! How the Garden Grows

I hesitated to update so soon but I was looking at the pictures from two weeks ago and I couldn't believe how fast everything is growing! This always amazes me every year, the humbling miracle of growth, none of it really my doing but the Lord's. Just look at this beauty!

Onions nearly doubled in size!

Yellow stemmed chard.

Perpetual spinach sprouted, soon to be thinned.

Spinach two days after it's first harvest.

Just look at that beautiful pile!

Feather like rows of carrots have sprouted from my seed tapes... success!

Gorgeous red and white Russian kale. I feel bad I'm going to dig it out and stick it in pots!

Peas climbing away.

Glory to God! What a blessing to have such clean beautiful food to eat and feed my family. We ate the first pick of spinach in a smoothie, I couldn't bare to cook it! So fresh. I wish I had got a picture of my kids faces after they guzzled it down, don't they love those smoothies! And, yes, they know the spinach is in there. Next week I will be planing all my squash, cucumber and bean seeds and planting the tomatoes and peppers in their final containers. I had planned to do it this weekend but I would rather do it when my hubby isn't home since I only get him a couple days a week.

Puzzle Boy is on a road trip with my parents to Florida right now, what an awesome experience for him! But, I will admit, the house has been eerily quiet after they left this morning and it makes me just a little sad! However, I am truly enjoying the one-on-one time with my little daughter. I have never had more than two days alone with her and I will now have six whole days to give her my attention. After you have more than one child alone time with each is so hard to come by and I really think it's important that they get it when you can. So we will be having a girly day on Friday at the mall with a friend and just goofing off. Because Mini goes to bed earlier than her brother I am also looking forward to treating Montana Man to an at-home date night in the empty house.

I hope all your gardens are growing! Til next time.

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  1. I admire your straight rows and strong starts! What a beautiful garden! I love seeing the ordinary miracles God gives us in our gardens!