Thursday, September 5, 2013

There's a New Man in the Barnyard

Say hello to Copper! He's a Buff Orpington we have adopted from our friends over at American Family Now. I took a trip up to visit with Mama and to let the kids play, and then after lunch we loaded up the young rooster and headed home. Their older rooster they have is named Chrome which I thought was an awesome rooster name. I decided to keep with the metal theme and name him Copper which also happens to be what color he is.

He cautiously entered the coop and introduced himself. There was a little showing off in the first couple of minutes from both Copper and the hens! I threw in some fresh grass for them to nibble on to break the ice and they seem to be fine. He already is taking his job seriously by going to get a stray hen who wandered to the end of their run. I think I'll keep him! Well, as long as he doesn't stick a spur in my ankle. Then we will have words.

He's a beautiful boy. I will really enjoy watching him with the hens. And, perhaps he will encourage me to revise my sleeping and waking habits. I'm thinking that would be a plus. I need to go to bed and get up A LOT earlier. It's a problem in this lifestyle.

I have not posted as recently because I have been canning and this makes my back hurt. Sitting at the computer to write a post feels like torture when my back gets like that. In my kitchen in the new house I will be putting my counter tops at the right level for me and investing in a gel mat. Canning requires hours of standing. Ergonomics are a must for someone like me with a pre-existing back problem. But, I have hit a lull as I wait for my tomatoes to ripen so I will be catching up soon!

Til next time!


  1. He looks so happy! I'm so glad you were able to take him in ::: smile ::: And, I'm sorry I didn't check the blog before our visit - I didn't realize the adoption went through so recently! I knew you were working on it, but... congratulations!!!!

    1. That's alright, thank you! We are enjoying Copper very much too :-)