Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Spring! Well, Sort of...

Ok, Ok, so it's still basically winter here despite having passed the first day of spring on the calendar. Despite this annoyance I have finally stopped procrastinating and started some of my seeds. Onions were the big one and I really should have started them a month ago. Normally I get sets and just plant them when ever they show up on my door step. This year I have decided to tackle my fear of starting them from seed, I have failed miserably in the past. Monday I said it was time and picked up some fresh seed starter and retrieved my containers from the greenhouse. The onions I seeded in my large metal disposable pan and the tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and brussel sprouts went into cell packs. Given that I did a seed co-op this time around I only had so many seeds for some varieties and I double up seeds in each cell to ensure I would have enough seedlings if I had less than 100% germination. Normally I would just plant extra cells to accomplish the same thing because apparently I love to waste space in my cell packs. Each year more dumb stuff dawns on me I tell ya! I will post pictures of them when they sprout because right now it's just dirt and dirt is boring.

A new thing I am trying this year is making seed tape. It combines two of my favorite things, playing with seeds and reducing my need to thin tiny seedlings. To say I don't like thinning would be a great understatement. So after a couple years of drooling over the way to expensive pre-made seed tapes I just made my own out of toilet paper and a glue made from cornstarch and water. Very easy, and then after a quick dry by the stove they went into a zip bag...

I did find that using tweezers to place seeds was essential. I made tapes for carrot, beet and spinach seeds. I am debating whether to make some for my kale and chard. I planted seeds for kale, chard and spinach in my unheated greenhouse boxes and am hoping for some warmer weather soon so they will germinate. If the plants grow and well I will just transfer them to the big garden when it gets too warm in the greenhouse. If no then I will direct seed in tape form in the garden later. But, I am hoping they do grow so we can have some fresh greens 'before season'.

On other notes, our metal roofing has just arrived today so that will be going up as soon as we can as well as the lolly columns are in place so we can now begin constructing interior walls as soon as the roof is done. After that we will wire, plumb and insulate before our inspection and then will start sheetrocking the walls and ceiling. After that it will be the slower more tedious projects of finish work. Because of our lot being clay we will be waiting to drill our well and putting in the septic until the last because we need the ground to be dry. Likely that won't be until June unless we have a very windy May.

Second, I had another prenatal yesterday (up to 15 weeks now!) and everything seems to be going fine. Baby's heart rate is running strong in the 150's and I have had an average weight gain of 7 pound so far which is good for me! I won't post a pic of the belly yet because I'm still not very big! Maybe in another few weeks.

And, third I am going to visit my cousin in Michigan over my birthday in about a week! I have not been away ALONE since before I was even pregnant with Mini Me. That's about 3 years, and I likely won't get to again for longer so I am going to savor this trip. The cousin I am visiting is my favorite, she is like Mother Earth and my fellow homesteader. I love her. I also really like traveling and will really enjoy every moment. Don't worry though, I will leave my family with clean clothes, a stocked fridge and clean bathroom.

Well, that's it! Til next time.

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