Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Going From an Average to a Large Family Attitude

With baby three on the way this has granted me a pause to reflect on how things will change. Our vehicle will be at it's max for capacity when we are all together. We don't have enough dining chairs. Grocery shopping is about to go from an adventure to an insane adventure (unless I order them and just pick them up *winkwink*). My laundry will again increase by a lot due to diapers and lots of clothing changes for the little one. Etc... fill in the blank, you get the picture. Some of you I am sure have 3 or more children and are either nodding in quiet agreement or some of you are saying "What's the big deal?". I have the urge to go with you who are saying the later and just not worry about it. But, then I think, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!". Just keeping it real here. No, I wouldn't necessarily call a family of five 'large' but it does change the dynamic more significantly than going from one to two children. For one thing, as parents, you are now out numbered. Reality check. I am a researcher. I like to research things. So what have I been researching lately? How to change my household logistics so I can confidently carry out organized chaos in 6 months time. Otherwise I might realize it's 2:00 in the afternoon and the goat is cussing me out for forgetting to milk her and my kids will still be in there clothes from yesterday. Ok, that's an extreme and unlikely scenario. Let's move on.

Because of my this new and uncharted territory for our family I am going to do a series on my preparations by the area of our life. Laundry, car, meals, homeschooling, cleaning, shopping, chores and, last but not least, personal time and husband/wife time. These I will schedule for Wednesday mornings over the next seven weeks. That will be perfect timing for me to start a new series on our spring here! Depending on progress I'm sure a house update or two will fill in the blanks on other days of the week.


  1. Number three was a big transition, but number four pregnancy was by four the hardest emotionally. It helps if you can embrace the fact that it will take time to adapt to having three kids. If they are fed and the baby has clean diapers (and the goat is milked) you are doing just fine. After the first few months you will have a new routine, it will feel like you always had three kids, and you'll be a three-kid expert :)

  2. I'm sure I will be picking your brain this spring while we visit ;-) This baby is really our faith baby, if I had chosen to not obey what the Lord was very clearly speaking to us, I would have waited probably another year at least! I have no idea what the big picture plan is but I know this baby is a blessing to this family no matter how challenging or 'transforming' he/she makes life :-) I am looking forward to being a family of five! And my personality loves to prepare as well as I can to make it easier on everyone else (oh and on me too, lol). Can't wait to see all the posts on spring on your site!

  3. You are free to pick my brain :) When I look at Chickie, and think about the fact that if I had had my way she wouldn't be a part of our family, that makes me a little sad. I am SO happy now that she is part of our lives, and wouldn't change it for anything. It does take courage to be ready for a baby you weren't prepared for, absolutely! But when he/she comes (and maybe already?) you will be thanking God that he gave you a surprise blessing.