Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From Average to More Series: Cleaning

This week is cleaning! Something I really love to have done but love to procrastinate. This is why it's good to have people over, it gives motivation. There are many methods to cleaning and most of them sound good to me! The method I think will be easiest to achieve realistically is a once a week deep clean. I would like to do this for several reasons including having my weekend free and not having to clean everyday even if it's just a little bit. Our house is not that big and with only one bathroom I feel this is quite manageable. Thursday will be my day! Currently in our week it's a "free" day which I use to have play dates or absolutely nothing. What I really loved about one mom's logic to cleaning the whole house at the end of the week is that for them as soon as they are finished they start their weekend! While that won't exactly be the case, after I complete my tasks the day again becomes a "free" day. Then comes Friday and we have our co-op which means we are out of the house all day so we can begin our weekend when we return to a still clean house. The anxiety this will erase for me! I could feel confident to welcome my husband home to a (somewhat, we do have kids!) orderly and clean house and also invite friends and family over on the weekend without worry of them seeing snot on the windows. So, let me outline my plan of action here:

The kitchen, while it is cleaned daily, does need a little extra attention once a week:
- Cabinets wiped down
- Fridge cleaned out of leftovers and wiped down
- Sink scoured
- pantry restocked from basement pantry
- butcher block counters oiled (every other week)

The bathroom, is pretty basic:
- sink, tub and shower scrubbed
- toilet
- floor vacuumed and washed
- linen closet organized (as needed)

Bedrooms need work more sporadically but they usually need at least:
- vacuum floor
- organize books and toys in kids
- toys retrieved from under the bed
- dusting

Our great room is both our living and dining room and it needs:
- floor vacuumed and washed
- toys and books sorted and put away or rotated
- dusting
- windows washed
- tame any piles of papers

The mudroom could be called a losing battle but let's:
- Organize shoes
- put away outdoor clothes in their place
- return less used coats and sweaters to the owner's closet
- vacuum and wash the floor
- wipe down the door

And that's about it! That doesn't look too bad to get done in a few hours right? Puzzle Boy will be expected to help with things like vacuuming, his room and dusting. Mini Me will start to be trained to put toys and books away but for the most part will be contained so she doesn't undo work in my wake. When the baby is here he/she will likely be worn by me as I work except for the bathroom, I will reserve that for a nap. I will definitely start using this method right away and will let you know how it works for me verses a room everyday. Although, with shedding animals I do have to vacuum the living room nearly daily in this house. I am hoping having hard floors in the new house reduces this to just needing a swipe of a "swiffer".

Til next week!

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