Monday, July 29, 2013


Montana Man LOVES breakfast. And one of the things I am working on is making him breakfast when he is home. Complete with coffee of course. Saturday morning I made him eggs and toast. But this time I used eggs from our own chickens! Friday afternoon I collected our third (successful) egg and was surprised to see it larger than the others so soon. When I cracked that egg in to the pan, much to my delight, it contained TWO yolks! Wow, over achievement girls.

See the two yolks buddying up to each other? Awe... twins!

As a side note, Sunday we finally got a burning permit and we burned all day on the house lot as well as took a few more trees down. My dad walked the lot with Montana Man a few days ago and they have 'positioned' the house with paint so we now have a clear vision of how it will sit on the lot. We have also gotten our quote for building materials and are satisfied with it. Slow going but progress is progress! We should be digging a hole in the next two weeks. THAT will be a big post!!!

'Til next time!

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  1. My wife and I are envious of your home and the opportunities your youth affords you. Keep on keeping on.
    Mark and Therese macDonald