Monday, July 22, 2013

Updates: It's a big day around here!

Our first EGGS! Oh my goodness, I have been waiting! My dad found these this morning. They are a bit small but honestly I am just impressed their first eggs are fully formed! So two out of the eleven are laying, I'm sure the rest won't be far behind.

The break in this insane heat "dome" we had the last week, gave me some much needed motivation to putter in my farm yard. So I chose to tackle a much needed task... to trim the stallions mane. Now, if you know horses, you might know that Morgans have insanely thick manes. When they are running like the wind and you grasp them for dear life, this comes in handy. When they have grown out and are super long and tangled and you want to brush it, not so much. So I left the kiddos with Daddy, grabbed some scissors and went out hoping I wouldn't screw it up this time. I have *ahem*, 'trimmed' his mane before. It looked like he got in a fight with the weed whacker. Not my best work. I have learned a few things about Morgan manes in the mean time and vowed this time it would look fab. The trick is to cut off the length a few inches shy of your goal and then blend with the scissors almost completely vertical making 'snips'. Then to take out some bulk I combed just under half of his mane to one side and 'razored' it like a barber would do to make layers. This way you don't have an under layer that grows back sticking straight up (been there do that). It takes time, patience and practice but I think I nailed it this time!

Typical stallion pose... moody with a leg stretched back!

Also, if you know anything about horses/ this breed, you might notice he is fat. I haven't weight taped him recently but my rough estimate would be about 975-1000 pounds. Bit hefty for the little fellow! Given that he is on free choice hay I can't blame the poor dude, he needs to be ridden. I need to ride. I am going to clean my saddles. Tonight. Time to reclaim my inner equestrian! You know... this chick.

Me on my first horse at 16.

I think between getting married, having a baby and sorting out the house building plans, I forgot about me. Cliche as it sounds I did what the typical mom does, forgets to still live beyond the diapers and dishes. I am not saying I don't love what I do! 'Cause this mama loves her kids and husband! But recently I kind of stopped and realized, I don't know who the hell I am anymore beyond them. That's scary for me. And, as summer rolls on and my depression has come back, I could really use a distraction and escape. A horse's back is my favorite retreat saddled or bare.

I am also going to try to dedicate more time to this blog. I am not very good with consistency when it comes to my posts. Perhaps I will try once a week and go from there. Writing is also one of my favorite outlets *winky wink*

'Til next time!

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