Friday, December 7, 2012

Mornings with Montana Man

I love the mornings that MM is home with me. Yes, it means he is not "working" his regular job but he usually has a side job to attend to later in the morning. But until then I get him! And this morning was perfect. I got to sleep an extra 40 minutes. This was badly needed because Mini got up more than normal last night. Oh, and I may have wasted a couple hours of sleep on a very thrilling Christian mystery book that involves horses. But same same, I needed some extra sleep! And MM jumped right out of bed when I requested 30 minutes more and grabbed his little daughter to rock her :-) Be still my heart!

When I got up we put on The Polar Express for Puzzle Boy (his new fav), and I made my special pumpkin spice coffee and some vanilla creamer. Montana Man made us breakfast! And we ate it together. At the table. Sans kids. And instead of using this time wisely to talk about politics or how to end world hunger we talked about the fact that we were having coffee together, alone. And maybe there was some Bob Marley* jokes in there. We laughed and drank coffee and were just us. No, we did not feel guilty about our kids watching a movie at 8:30 in the morning, we have learned the hard way that our marriage demands attention even if it's just coffee. There is plenty of time to spend mornings immersed in our kids, but we also realize that they need to see us spending time on each other because someday they will be married. No, I am not just trying to justify the tv thing again, I swear. This stuff is important!

Moral of the story today. Drink hot liquids with your spouse while your kids do otherwise on a semi-regular basis. It is fabulous, trust me.

*Bob Marley the comedian, not the pot smoking musician, although I have to say that that Bob has made a chuckle arise from me a time or two. It's the hair I think. Bob Marley the comedian is our fav, and he is from Maine so it makes him even cooler.


  1. Thankful for your coffee time with your MM!!! Mine would be coffee and Mt Dew but both are drinkable any time of day according to my....let's see, he'd be a NYM :)<3 you guys!

  2. Praise God for the small things that amount to such big things!