Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real Life, True Story.

"...therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on it. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing." -Luke 12:22-23

We never moved. For reasons we will never understand we are still here and Montana Man has a new job for better pay. We are thankful for this and are trying to forget the months lost.

I have been wanting to post but have been a little stuck. It's that time of year... and I am unmedicated, be afraid. Anxiety has kinda been my new dysfunctional bestie, we like to cry together and be grumpy over spilled milk. I have not called in my buddy Zoloft recently because I am still nursing my incredibly beautiful 9 month old (with 3 teeth I might add) and the fact that I end up having about as much emotional response as Data. It was a husband/wife decision.

I have been reading other peoples blogs though and what has struck me is how ordinary a lot of them are. I always feel like I need to come up with something awesome to post, much how I feel about dinner. And then I think of nothing and don't post, much like dinner. We eat a lot of "pantry" dinners. It's something to work on. But I miss writing! I suffer from chronically unheard syndrome (symptoms include talking to people under the age of 5 constantly, not remembering what you were saying after being interrupted and people who are just kinda sick of you). Now I have no idea if anyone who reads these posts likes it but it makes me feel special when I see it got action!

So this is real life. I am a real person. I fear the Lord and want to teach my children to do the same. I eat a really crappy diet, I will work on it someday. I like to see how close to when I have to take Puzzle Boy to school I can get up in the morning (7:20 just so you know, we leave at 8:00). I have to go back and capitalize almost every "I" I use. It annoys me. I like and hate showers. I daydream about when I can have another baby because I swear I still have a rush from Mini Me's birth (you can stop shouting "insanity!" now). I am such an introvert that small family gatherings get my feathers ruffled. I hate gift giving, oh the pressure! I stick my kids in front of the tv more than I care to share, and I do it for coffee. I love books. I have a lot of them. I want to write one. Maybe.

I was reading Pioneer Woman's blog today and she recorded conversations she has with her husband. I have not laughed so much in awhile. I might try it. Ree, do you mind?

This post has become so disorganized! Oh my goodness, if you come back you deserve a medal and a hug. Maybe some of my coffee, that's how grateful I would be.

Now there is an odor I must address coming from the small child I am holding (I bet you are thinking, "how impressive, she typed this with one hand!") Wishful thinking anyway!


  1. Oh please continue to write like this. You are witty, honest and you strike a chord in me for sure, I'm like, "oh, I do that too, oh yeah, me too, etc. You make me want to hear more, because I can relate so much to your struggle to maintain your sanity and knowing full well that sanity is not a place, but a goal. Trouble is the goalposts are constantly moving. I love your writing, I love you, and this just endears you to me that much more. Hugs!!

  2. You dare to be real in your blog where you do not dare in front of others . Good therapy.

  3. You both have earned hugs and some of my special coffee ;-)

  4. The story of my life! You haven't scared me away :)