Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Ok! I got through Christmas. And, while I should have announced that I was taking a blog vacation in order to get things done, I did not. Sorry! My cousins I saw at my grandmother's Christmas party expressed that I needed to get my butt back in gear and post some new stuff! Love you guys! You make feel like this isn't a waste of my time *wink*.

Let's see... now, I have gotten quite a bit done and it has snowed A LOT! Every week if not a few times a week. That's Maine for you, every winter has it's own personality. This year is full of precipitation in an annoying fashion. So, I shall recap the best I can.

First, Puzzle Boy turned SIX! What?! He's getting so so so big. And, he knows it. This is the cake I made him...

Second, we butchered those darn chickens! Yup, and right before a massive snow storm. Ah, it was a wonderful day... we woke up early intending to get an early start but it was still dark. So, we patiently waited until the sun decided it was time to get up. Then we had breakfast and bundled up, after all, it was only 6 degrees F outside! Montana Man fetched his machete and the stump and I the first chicken. (I'm being sarcastic, can't you tell?) Alright, the day was not wonderful. Quite honestly the only easy part about it was the killing! We did all 15 chickens in one(ish) day. On this same day we happened to be on a deadline to be done by 3:00 because we were taking the kids on a magical train ride in the city. If we hadn't been under the pressure of the impending snow storm we would have waited a day and been a bit more relaxed. Instead I was bleaching down the kitchen at 2:45 after shoving the last of the plucked chickens into a cooler of ice water and leaving them on the deck outside to cool down. 6 birds had yet to be eviscerated. What have I learned? No more than 5 birds at a time and if I can't do that than spend the $3/bird at the butcher and have him do it. The end.

Then, we had Christmas. Over the last few years we have begun to simplify this holiday in many ways as both our own family unit and our extended family. We still exchange gifts but in a smaller in quantity, greater in meaning way. My husband will tell you that the two gifts I got most excited about this year was a digital scale from him and a large dial scale that has a 50 pound capacity from my mom. And, I can't wait to haul in some garden produce this summer and weigh it! I have to say though that we enjoyed watching our kids open their presents the most. So much animation and excitement! We had dinner at my grandparents' home with our usual fare plus a couple updates. It really was a wonderful day.

I will add pictures as I collect them from family!

I hope everyone had a blessed and special holiday season. Now about this new year...

Til next time!

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