Sunday, April 7, 2013

Waiting for Warmer Weather

This time of year is almost harder than winter to be patient. Spring has been colder this year and it has been a bit frustrating for me! But, today made me feel better. We finally got our greenhouse up. It has been sitting waiting for the snow to melt and now we finally had a spot to put it. Now it just needs to be warm enough to keep a night temperature of about 50 degrees for us to be able to put the seedlings out... maybe only 35 degrees for the cabbages. I am praying for warmer weather soon!

Also, we got ducklings and chicks today!!! Hallelujah! I have waited my whole life to have chickens. We had a duck before but he was a pet (and a weasel got him a couple years ago). We now have 6 Pekin ducks (that are 3 weeks old) and 12 Golden Comet pullets that we bought from Tractor Supply. They have all adjusted well their new home and seem happy.

I plan to keep records of the cost to keep all the birds to see if we save any money and see how free ranging in a chicken tractor will help. The ducks will hopefully take to the pond when their feathers come in and enjoy the vegetation in it. The ducks will only be with us until fall, they are for meat... unless a female steps up and wants to make eggs!

Because we are not able to make a permanent coop for the chickens yet we will be making a tractor style coop to allow the chickens to "free range" yet be safe from dogs, cat and hawks. I will post about it when Montana Man builds it.

This will be a great learning experience for Puzzle Boy! He is fascinated by the little birds.

Even our Morgan horse Bub had to check out his new barn mates!

I had to share another picture of our beautiful stallion. He is quite plump right now from all his free choice hay ;-)

Today felt like such a leap toward our goals. The prospect on of our garden and now eggs and meat are such a triumph after years of inability. Now we are getting somewhere! Anyone want to share their spring adventures?


  1. We had Pekin ducks! They are fun, but you have to be careful about freeranging them, which we did, because they like to lay in places you can't reach - at the bottom of the pond, in the woodpile, etc.

    We have a variety of hens, but do like the comets because they are especially friendly. Great for keeping them around kids!

    If you are looking for a good quality chicken tractor, my husband is making them at work, they are selling ones to hold 6 chickens for $350, but he might be able to get you one for $300 if you're interested :)

    1. Kyle is going to make one for us, but thank you for the tip Mama! The ducks are a lot of fun for Puzzle Boy :-)

  2. Looks like we have a mutual admiration society forming.
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