Friday, March 22, 2013

Unexpected but Nice!

Wow, a nomination! Sadly, I had no idea what it was I am nominated for. It is a blog award of some kind! But said nomination has required me to answer some questions provided by my nominator and provide 11 random facts about me. So, here we go!

1. In 5 words or less, why do you blog?
Because I love to write.

2. Are you a spend-thrift or a cheapskape?
Um, somewhere in the middle? I like to save money but at the end of the day I know it will not be coming with me when I die so no use getting to attached!

3. I follow your blog, do you follow mine?
Yes. Yes, I do.

4. Most productive time of day to blog?
When my children aren't wailing for food or booty changes (aka, nap time/ bedtime).

5. Do you want to have a big money-making blog one day?
Not really my intention but if it "happened" I would not be disappointed. ;-)

6. What is your favorite comfort food?
Currently, it is a weird one. Rice, spanish olives, cheddar cheese, green chiles and chicken mixed up in cassarole form. Had it for the first time at my best friend's in-law's house in Arizona and I ate it all the time pregnant. SO GOOD.

7. Do you have a piggy bank (and where do you hide it)?
I don't, my kids do. I have a "grown up piggy bank" in an undisclosed location. It is anything but full though! Lol.

8. Do you have a garden?
Interesting question. I do not have a "garden" currently but as soon as snow melts and ground thaws we will! I have lots of little plants waiting!

9. Are you one of those preppers??????
(Nervously looks around) Heh heh, no...

10. Just how cheap are you?
I'd say I am a tepid cheap warming to a balmy wood fired hot tub cheap.

11. What color are your eyes?
Greenish. I don't really know! Ask my husband ;-D

Random Things:

1. I am the younger of two children.

2. I was married at 20.

3. I can knit and sew.

4. I started cooking when I was 3 and was making full dinners by 12.

5. I am cynical about any organized social structure (i.e. medical system, government, school systems, etc.).

6. I have owned horses since I was 14.

7. I dream about things like milking cows and canning a years worth of food.

8. I was an extremely awkward child, I think I finally got it working for me now though!

9. I loved my birth and I daydream/ real dream about the next one. Freak, I know. It was awesome.

10. I can sing. No really, I can.

11. My housework can be a bit bi-polar. Or maybe that's me... I do wonder sometimes!

Well, that was fun! Hope you all have learned some handy/ interesting tidbits about me. Nothing to exciting I am afraid! Thank you D. Marie from Lessons on the Cheap!


  1. ha ha, that was cute. Thanks for joining in. By then way, I love anything having to do with Maine. It's like Alaska to me. WAY the heck up there! :-)

    BTW, I loved being pregnant too and breastfeeding. And hated it when my body finally got to that time in a woman's life that said, "YOU'RE TOO OLD" and stopped making eggs!

    But I have now learned to embrace it -but those times were the best for me.

  2. Maine is pretty up there for sure! North is the only place for me :-)