Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making Cloth Diapers: Part 2

Instruction time! Get your note pad kids, here we go!

You need:
PUL fabric, 16"X16" per diaper
fleece fabric, ditto
velcro or snaps
1/4 inch woven elastic, avoid the stiff stuff
sewing machine
fabric sissors
a weight of some kind
a pattern like this one: Diaper Revolution

Step 1: Trace your pattern on both of your fabric pieces as the pattern instructs using a weight to keep the pattern in place. I do this with a permenant marker but you can do it with a washable one, it doesn't show on the final product. Cut out the tracing.

Step 2: Following your specific instructions, place and sew elastic and then pin as close to the edge as possible your fleece and PUL right sides together. Mine was a pocket style diaper so this is what I had to do for the back...

Step 3: After you have sewn the pieces right sides together mark where your pattern says to put the leg elastic. Sew your uncut strip of elastic to one end and then stretch it as taught as you can to the next mark along the seam of the leg. Sew in place and trim. Make sure you go over it several times because if it lets go after you are finished you are going to be ripping seams. Not fun.

Step 4: After you have tacked both leg elastic in place, turn your diaper taking care to get your corners really well, I use a crochet hook in the points. Now top stitch a 1/4 inch all the way around jutting in at the elastic while holding it stretched straight to encase it with in the seam. DO NOT stitch on the elastic or it won't gather right.

Step 5: Place your velcro and sew in place or place your snaps. You're done! Go diaper that baby!

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