Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Update: Operation Relocation

We are moving to and area of Maine called the Downeast. This is ironic because although it is east about as much as you can go in this country, it is not down. It is middle. But, since the Middle East nick name was already taken we fast thinking Mainers have improvised.

I have a confession to make on this subject... Montana Man and I have moved 5 times since meeting in Montana (romantic right?!) just under 4 years ago. Our first place was really Montana Man's place that he was living in when I met him. It was a SHACK. But it was $300 a month! When our/his son came to live with us we moved to the most adorable log cabin 10 miles out of town. It was quiet and beautiful, I loved that house! It too was a low rent at $425 a month and our electric bill was about $11-15 a month! But we came back to Maine. We lived with my parents (gulp) for a year until our wedding and then we moved into a little apartment with 2 bedrooms. I loved it. But it was next to smokers so when the identical unit came available next door and next to my cousin, we moved across the yard. This apartment was $900/month. YIKES. Bit of a difference right?? So when I got to the end of my pregnancy and realized after I stopped work we could not pay this rape rent we moved back in with my parents with the grand plan that we would cohabitate until the built their dream home and then we would rent their house. This did not happen. We knew we needed to move out but we felt a little stuck and not sure where to turn. But God made it very clear in a matter of days that we were going to be relocating soon. After prayer and an official job offer along with an offer of ideal housing (horse too!) we made the final decision. So here were go again. I have my doubts and anxieties but I have to trust that God will provide for us.

That said, I hate moving. I am not a good packer and with kids it is hellatious. My mom has packed the majority of my stuff because she actually enjoys it. Now what I enjoy is setting up a house! I love moving in. I am very excited about this house, it is in a crazy beautiful location with tons of yard for the kids and a large field for our horse. The kitchen is abit of a black hole (i.e. dark) but I have some great ideas on how to improve it when I have some spare money. I am a firm believer in making what ever space you are in your home even if it is temporary. I can not wait until we are moved, I will be taking before and after pictures of the space so you can see how I set up a new house and give you some tips on making any space work for you. I might have some experience!

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