Friday, June 6, 2014

My 'Get Ready For Baby' List and 25 Week Update

Mini Me at 6 weeks

I am now 25 weeks and the third trimester is coming up fast! I am natural 'prepper' and I love me a good list. This is my third baby so after the first two I have learned what is and isn't worth sweating, spending money or spending time on. I was given a ton of baby clothes, toys, entertainment apparatuses and the like from very generous friends and family last time and in no time I felt like we were drowning the living room in baby things! While I did use most of everything I have decided what I found most helpful and will be using again. Along with this I have learned what I really needed in the first weeks and months. I still have many things to do and my goal is to have things ready to just unpack into the house as soon as it is done so there will be no last minute scrambling. I have divided these responsibilities into the next two months.


Must dos:

-complete sewing newborn cloth diapers and inserts

-dig out the rest of the cloth diaper stash and check over

-sort newborn-six month clothing and make a list of needed items

-finish a few more freezer meal items (90% done!)

-sew crib sheets

Would like to dos:

- make or buy a new cover for the rock n' play (it is currently pink!)

-start knitting socks and a couple winter hats (he will be 3 months by December)


Must dos:

-go through home birth supplies, order and collect new

-transition Mini Me into a toddler bed (we might wait until we move into the house)

-wash all clothes and diapers new or stored alike

-pack all diapers and clothes in easy to access totes

-go shopping for new nursing tanks and other needed clothing

-big shopping trip at the bulk store, make a master grocery order for local store (for online ordering)

-stock milk bags, nursing pads, clean pump and make sure it's working well

-wash and install infant car seat

-make a list of numbers and information for D-day (midwife, doulas, pediatrician, rescue, my parents, Montana Man), so anyone can call if I am out of it

Would like to dos:

-finish knitting projects

-go on an overnight 'babymoon' (this depends on house and finances)

-can as much garden produce as is ready

-make and freeze some extra breakfast items

-get some goodies for birth attendants (toothbrushes, snacks, drinks)

-pregnancy photo shoot

Looking at this list it looks like a lot but many of these items are things that I would do at the same time or in an hour or two. Totally do able! And, nesting is a very important part of getting ready for a baby emotionally. Quite honestly babies do not give a hoot whether or not you remembered to stock up on toilet paper or how many onsies are neatly folded in the drawer. They would happily live cuddled up with you naked for weeks! Most of this is for me and those around me so that we have the freedom to enjoy the new baby without worry (nothing is more stressful than running out of that toilet paper!).

My list of baby gear I will be using the first year is:

infant car seat
Boppy nursing pillow
swaddling blankets, receiving blankets, knit blankets
20-30 newborn/small diapers, 15-20 medium diapers, 15-20 large diapers
25 cloth wipes
baby bath insert for kitchen sink
2-3 baby bath towels
assorted 0-12 month clothing
co-sleeper for our bed (for first 2 months or so)
changing table, mat, canvas bins for clothes
Ergo baby carrier and sling carrier
activity mat (yes, my pink one, he won't care!)
age appropriate toys
breast pump, storage bags, etc
bottles (I have about 5 small and 5 large)
Soothie pacifiers (not a huge fan of pacifiers but when your boobs hurt they are a life saver for a baby who wants to suck non stop!)
diaper bag (I am getting a new one, yay!)
exersaucer (love!)
sippy cups, toddler utensils and dishes
bibs (nursing bibs and toddler bibs)
rock n play (great safe place for baby to nap or watch family that is portable)
audio baby monitor (no video, lame I know!)
2-3 crib sheets and changing pad covers

If I didn't already have a lot of these things I would be perfectly fine with less! In fact, this is less than what I used with Mini. I don't need my bassinet, wipe warmer, bumbo, and a few other things. I didn't use them much and I'm sure I will pare down even more after this baby! Yes, some of this is still for my own convenience (like the swing and nursing pillow) but I like them and that's why I use them! Having a baby isn't about having every new gadget or seeing how minimal you can get by with. It's not a contest! But, that being said, I do think that too many gadgets start to take away from the more natural side of parenting. Babies need to be held, fed, played with, taken outdoors, shown things... if you are constantly just focusing on the stuff for the baby you might over look the simplicity of the baby itself. There were many days where all I did was hold, nurse and change Mini... and she was happy! A day like that only takes diapers, wipes, maybe a onesie and me, the whole day. I also like my house to not look like BabiesRus exploded in it, just saying. Somethings I listed will not be used all at the same time either, outgrown things or those waiting to be used get stored downstairs. So, new parents, keep it simple and just love on your baby.

An update on me now at 25 weeks... I have gained about 20 pounds, am back to focusing on my diet more (I'll admit, I was slacking!) and am in general good health. I still have pretty strong Braxton Hicks contractions all through the day but they don't seem to be doing any harm other than to my sanity sometimes! My back is holding up well and I have been surprised by my lack of heartburn this time. My energy seems pretty good most days although this may be my altered point of view on fatigue since I can't remember what it was like before kids. Little man is measuring perfect and moves all the time now, like a little kickboxer in there! I'd like to know where he learned to kick the back of my belly button... that hurts! But, I think the best thing is that I have a nice tight round belly this time. I was over weight when I got pregnant with Mini Me and I gained quite a bit with her. Because of that my belly never had that really cute roundness and it was always kinda flabby even at full term. I weigh now what I did at about 12 weeks last time! If I stay on the track I am I will likely total at about 30-35 pounds gained. Better than nearly 50! I can't say what a relief that is to me looking forward to my postpartum time because I know that at least 25 pounds of it will be gone within two weeks. I realize moms don't like to think about weight during or after pregnancy, but for me I know it will make me a better, happier mom to be in control of it and feel confident. 10 pounds to lose is much easier to grasp than 30. I did lose all my pregnancy weight (plus another 10 pounds) before this pregnancy and it made all the difference.

As I get closer I will share what our birth plan is and what is in our birth supplies, etc. After visiting a friend in the hospital today who just had her baby, and getting lost 3 times, I realized just how much I appreciate the freedom to birth at home! She had a wonderful experience and many moms do in hospitals, but it just isn't me. I'm a homebody. I like the idea of being able to walk our beautiful quiet road or in the field, sleep in my bed, eat my food, have everyone come to me! It just feels natural and unhindered. There is also something to be said from the point of view as a doula. When you go to a mother's home you are being welcomed into their sacred space and there because they allowed you. It has an energy you don't get on, what I would consider a hospital, neutral ground. Everything is warmer, electric and gives you the energy to serve that mama in any way you can. I could spout out statistics of safety and make my point that way but really at this point for me it's about the spiritual experience of welcoming our new life. Both Montana Man and I treasure this.

Another garden update and the arrival of the chicks will be next! Til next time.

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